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A team of high school students building the world's first online courses that teach speech & debate the way we wish it was taught...
simply, simply, and simply. emoji

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The Mission

When we hear Speech & Debate, we think of a three word phrase.

And that is...
Being unapologetically yourself.

We know how it feels to be afraid of speaking, but it shouldn't be that way. So we built a course designed to help you navigate through the fundamentals of the best activity to get you out of your comfort zone, Speech & Debate.
And no it's not going to be easy. And no its not going to be hard. But it will do wonders on your speaking ability, confidence, and tenacity.
We promise you that if you stick with us for the next couple months, you'll come out not just happy with speaking your mind in front of the world, but you'll be excited.
And that's the true power of simple.

Wait, but What Exactly Do You Do?

We thought you might ask :)
To put it simply, a group of high schoolers (find out exactly who below) are working together to build the world's first first completely online speech & debate course.
This "master" course will be released in a split up form, with "Speech Fundamentals" coming first, then "Debate Fundamentals", followed by finally, the individual speech and debate events.
And did I mention this is all free?
And it's because we want everyone to have equal access to this activity that we hold so close to our heart.

Hold Up, What the Heck is Speech & Debate Though?

We thought you might ask ;)
We'd explain it via text, but why write when we can talk ;)
So here's one of our founders, Ariv, who'll give you the run down:

So come join us and learn this activity, the simple way.


The Concept Creator, Founder, and your Gandalf around these parts, Ariv is me. I've had a great career competing in Humorous Interpretation, Duo Interpretation, and Original Oratory. I'll be a senior this year and I'm super excited to get to your student, your child, or yourself!

Founder, Speech, Coach

My name is Aneesh Mardikar and I'm currently a senior at Archbishop Mitty High School. To me, speech and debate is the activity of a lifetime. Building fundamental skills with no end to their usefulness and genuine relationships with no end to their joy is an insane experience. I'm here to make those things more accessible, because I don't think they should be limited by the complexities of the activity, but bolstered by them. By simplifying the introduction to speech and debate, we can make that vision a reality.

President, Policy, Congress, Coach

My name is Sashank Balusu and I'm currently a senior at Archbishop Mitty High School. I love speech and debate so much because it gives everyone a platform to talk about the world and issues they care about. I'm apart of this program because I know firsthand that other speech and debate camps and programs can be very confusing, especially when you are first starting out and I'm glad that there's finally a program that will help absolute beginners learn speech and debate!

President, Lincoln Douglas, Congress, Coach

Shravan Potluri is a rising senior at Saratoga High who's been doing Speech (Extemporaneous Speaking) since his Freshman year. He's currently the CMO of SD SImplified, managing its day to day operations. Having developed a passion for it, he wants to spread his love of speech and debate to middle schoolers who will enjoy it. In his spare time, Shravan likes reading books and following international politics.

COO, Co-Founder, Speech, Coach